A Little Introduction

Hi, I'm Kate...

I have wanted to start my own blog for a very long time now. Lame excuses, such as being busy (that's code for wanting to lay on the sofa when not working) and general life has so far got in the way, but now, as I make my most recent transition into a brand new "career" and pretend it was totally planned out, I think it's just about the right time to start.

With a fashion background in pretty much every sense, it was always a fashion blog I had in mind. However, with the literal saturation of millions of same-sy fashion blogs out there, I wanted to do something different. I rolled around with the idea of doing some sort of body positivity blog, linked with fashion. As a very skinny girl naturally, I've struggled with self-doubt about my figure since I was a young teen and this world of "curvy women are real women" is fantastic to boost the confidence of "curvy" girls, but inadvertently elbows out the skinny's, who are therefore, not "real"?? Hhmmm. It's a touchy subject for many and therefore, one I'd like to touch upon more later. 

However, this still didn't fit quite perfectly for me. I didn't feel like my entire being was, or should be, dedicated to defending being thin, which is what has happened to many other slender-framed girls and also I feel like I've got more to say than just "look at me, tell me what you think".

So far, my life hasn't turned out exactly how I planned. I decided to become an international fashion buyer for Harrods when I was 14. From then, I really stuck to the goal. At 18 I was accepted to London College of Fashion to study Fashion Management and focus on buying and merchandising, so I packed my bags and off I went. Thanks again Mum. Having completed 3 years of uni and 1 year working at Ralph Lauren in the accessories buying department, I decided I hated buying and had gone off the fashion world all together. I was 22 and moved back to Manchester to save cash and then travel the world. Someone told me it would help me decide what to do with my life. It didn't FYI, but that's fine. 

Just before I left to travel with a beautiful blonde companion, I fell in love. Always happens at the best of times, right? So, my trip, although fantastic and mind-blowing, was slightly tainted by the (very annoying) need to get home and kiss my OH. 

When I finally came back, I didn't want to move back to London for buying, that was dead to me now. I ended up taking over my boyfriends online business and learning the life-changing feeling of being my own boss. 

Since then, I have tried and failed at a fair few businesses, had some success, cried a lot, decided and undecided to get a "real" job 147 times, but NOT. Now, I have spent the last 4 months settling into a new #workfromhome job that I had never even thought of before. I run my own schedule, work from anywhere and report to no-one. I also have the time to plan my next online fashion venture... maybe pyjamas? or t-shirts? How about making my own jewelley? No, I don't have the/any patience.

So, basically, to conclude, this blog is a little about fashion and little about overcoming self doubt. It's going to have some stuff in there about confidence and anxiety and body issues and a whole lot about self exploration, making yourself happy and thinking/doing life outside the box. Doing what you want to do, not what everyone told you to.

There are many blogs and stories out there from entrepreneurs who have made it to the top of their game and look back to tell you how they did it. Well, I'm certainly not at the top of my game, but I haven't had a 9-5 job in 7 years, I'm in love and have a dog and we own a beautiful house of our own in a lovely place. So, if I can pursuade anyone (who wants to) to think about ditching the 9-5 and living their life on their own terms, then I think that's going to be pretty cool. Or, just see how my journey is unfolding and learn from all my many mistakes along the way.... ex-fashion buyer wannabe, ex online business owner, ex brand start-up x 3 (!) and now freelance writer. It's great to meet you!

Love, Kate 


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